Quality services, tailored to your individual needs

Bespoke grooming services

Due to the setup of the fully equipped mobile salon, your dog is groomed within a private area, without the distraction of other dogs or a foreign environment. The van windows allow your dog to see its home territory and not have to travel to a salon or wait in a cage for its turn.  Each groom is tailored to the individual’s needs, taking into account the dog’s age, coat type, disposition, and styling requirements.  With experience in handling nervous dogs, Ruth is able to put your dog at ease as she treats every dog as if it were her own.

Ruth is trained, qualified and experienced in clipping, styling, scissoring, hand-stripping, teeth cleaning, and creative grooming. She will discuss your requirements and demonstrate correct coat maintenance as well as general coat health where applicable.  A regular grooming schedule should be booked well in advance to ensure your dog is kept looking its best

All Grooms Include:

  • Health check
  • Natural, soap & paraben-free shampoo
  • Stress-free grooming environment
  • Hydrobath, massaging shampoo deep to the skin to cleanse, purify & stimulate
  • Nail clipping
  • At-your-door, fully mobile


Puppy Intro

£30 all breeds

Introduction to grooming for dogs up to 5 months old.  A nice gentle pampering session where your puppy can be de-sensitized to the smells and sounds of a grooming parlour. This encourages a positive association with grooming and is vital for dogs who will require regular grooming. This includes a bath, blow dry, nail clipping, sanitary trim.  It does not include clipping/styling.  You will then receive £5 off their first full groom.

Clipping / Scissoring

Tailored to your requirements, whether to breed standard or something slightly different

dog bath


Bath and de-shedding blast/brush for short coated fur breeds (eg French Bulldogs, Labradors) or double- coated fur breeds (eg Collies, Pomeranians)



Teeth Cleaning /Descaling

£30 for teeth cleaning service, using Emmi-Pet ultrasonic toothbrush and descaling tool

Only possible on willing participants!


There is an extra charge for this, as it requires careful handling so as not to hurt your dog.  Regular grooming can prevent fur matting, so Platinum Pets recommends a 4-6 week return visit, or in-between mini-grooming sessions

Creative Grooming

From interesting clips to colourful dyes, Platinum Pets is able to recreate all sorts of weird and wonderful styles on your dog

Please note the following aspects of this mobile service:
  • Access and parking (fairly level) is required for a high-roof Transit sized van. (Overhanging branches or thick hedges will not be driven past at the risk of damaging the van)
  • Standard household electricity socket required for van hookup (within 25m of parking)
  • Bath water will be deposited on the ground under the van.  Hair will escape from the van, especially when de-shedding double-coated fur bearing breeds such as Shelties and Collies.
Please take a look at my terms and conditions, especially in relation to matted dogs – Customer Disclaimer 


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